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Mary’s originally opened as Mary’s Coffee Bar in 1939.  Its goal was to serve the many airport personnel, locals and wartime pilots, often with aircraft landing in the field across the street to unload their crews.  The small cafe was named after the original owners’ stepdaughter Mary Chapman.  In the early years many people walked or drove many miles just to come in for a cup of coffee and a piece of pie.  Many owners have come and gone, as have staff and locals, however the food and service only gets better.  Here at Mary’s we are very proud of our local and international heritage as you will notice by the many articles and pictures donated from around the world.  One never knows what familiar face may be found on our walls.  Please feel free to enjoy our history in its original atmosphere.  We strive to continue with the Mary’s tradition as a family restaurant with “ Good Food, Good Service, and Good Times!!”   ENJOY 

A Little Bit of History 

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